Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll keep your memory vague

It sucks when people that used to be there for you, aren't anymore. People you thought had your back, don't.

It's just another reminder of how I shouldn't hold out hope that you'd come through in a pinch if I needed you. It hurts that I've lost my best friend. I feel some connection like we're family. And yet to you, I'm nothing. It boggles my mind to know end. Because now more then ever I understand what you meant when you said, you wanted me in your life, no matter what position I held, you just wanted me around.

I miss YOU, not us. And this whole thing fuckin sucks.

Right now I'm angry, I'm hurt and I'm angry. But at some point, I'm gonna come around. I'm gonna finally get that there's no place for me in your life and so I'll stop trying. And when that happens, you'll become a vague memory. And that's where you'll stay.